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Car accident at intersection kills 2, injures several

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Car Accidents

It is no secret that intersections continue to be a hotspot for serious or fatal collisions. Drivers who fail to adhere to traffic lights or signs prior to crossing into an intersection may leave others nearby with insufficient time to respond and the fallout of such a collision could have a lingering effect on the lives of everyone involved. Two individuals have died and up to five others suffered injuries in a recent car accident after a driver ran through a stop sign at an intersection in California. 

Fatal crash 

Reports indicate that authorities responded to the scene of the crash on a recent Friday. According to initial investigations, the incident occurred when for reasons still under investigation, the driver of a car failed to stop at a stop sign before crossing into an intersection. The car reportedly collided with a second vehicle soon thereafter and the impact of the crash forced two people to be ejected from one of the vehicles in the process. 

Law enforcement agents have advised that two individuals in the first car suffered fatal injuries and passed away at the scene. Up to five others also suffered injuries in the crash, two of whom reportedly remain in critical condition. While the incident remains under investigation, no further information was provided as to what might have caused the driver of the first vehicle to fail to adhere to the traffic sign. 

After a crash 

While those who suffer harm or loss in a car accident involving a negligent driver may wish to exercise their rights to seek restitution, they might not always know how best to approach the process. Following a similar incident, the victim or surviving loved ones of the deceased could consider seeking the advice of an attorney for insight on their available legal avenues. In doing so, a person in California could gain insight on what to expect from the process and become better prepared to seek the restitution entitled through the appropriate channels. 

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