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Class Action Lawyer

A class action lawsuit is when a group of plaintiffs seeks damages against a single defendant for a common set of injuries.

Because of the scope of this litigation, class actions can have many nuances and challenges affecting both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Am I Eligible for a Class Action?

During a free consultation with our San Diego lawyers, they can assess your case and determine if you're one of many people filing a similar legal claim.

What Is a Class Action?

A class action is a type of civil lawsuit in which a group of people are the plaintiffs rather than an individual. This class of plaintiffs has experienced a common injury or loss as a result of the defendant's actions. The defendant in a class action tends to be a corporation or other large entity.

You may receive a notice in the mail about a class action that allows you to opt-in or opt-out. If you do not receive a notice, it's important to speak with an attorney about your situation.

Grounds for a Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits can cover a wide variety of injuries, losses, legal problems, and violations. The possible grounds for a class action lawsuit include:

  • Antitrust violations
  • Civil rights breaches
  • Defective products
  • Dangerous medications
  • Immigration violations
  • Environmental breaches
  • Consumer fraud
  • Withheld wages
  • Employee exploitation
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You Don't Pay Us a Cent
Unless We Win Your Case

Our San Diego lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means we won't ask for a single cent unless we win your case.

The team at Landay Roberts LLP will also be clear about any costs and billing that you might incur. Earning — and maintaining — your trust matters deeply to us, which is why we will be completely transparent throughout the class action process.

You have nothing to lose when you contact our attorneys. If you are thinking of pursuing class action in California, our lawyers may be able to help. To explore your legal options in a class action claim, contact our our San Diego, CA, attorney's office or call:

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You're Not Alone Our Law Firm Is Here to Help

While the idea of class action court cases can seem overwhelming, our law firm is here to do the hard work going forward.

From gathering witnesses to representing your lawsuit in court, our lawyers in San Diego will put you first, starting with a complimentary consultation.

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How Does Damage Distribution Work?

Though some assume damages and settlement amounts are distributed equally among plaintiffs in class action cases, that is not always the case. Certain class members may warrant more in compensation given their injuries, losses, and other circumstances.

For example, a defective medication that has caused persistent headaches in one defendant may have killed or permanently disabled another.

This discrepancy in experiences necessitates varying amounts of damages distributed in a successful case. Lead plaintiffs will receive the most money from class action litigation since their injuries and losses are the most severe.

Our client-centered San Diego lawyers can fight to ensure that you receive the class action damages you need in the wake of negligence, malice, or dangerous actions.

For plaintiffs, the idea of speaking in front of the court can have loaded emotional weight. Whether you want to be represented with or without personal testimony, we can help.

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Do I Have to Testify

In My Class Action Lawsuit?

No, you do not have to testify in your class action lawsuit unless you are individually called to take the stand.

Class action lawsuits have an advantage that single plaintiff lawsuits often do not: multiple plaintiffs and witnesses.

It's also possible that your case may not even go to court. Pre-trial settlement may be a possibility, giving you both peace of mind and fair compensation.

Even if you do have to testify, our transparent attorneys will guide you through the litigation process, telling you everything you need to know. This can be a stressful situation, but we'll be on your side every step of the way.

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I Want to Speak —

Will My Voice Be Heard?

For many plaintiffs, the ability to say something in court is priceless. Speaking out can provide peace and closure, giving you the opportunity to heal fully.

Even if you are not called to testify, you may still be able to speak before the court at the fairness hearing once the main litigation ends. This will take place after the settlement is determined but before it is dispersed.

As your San Diego attorneys, we can help you with filing the necessary notice of intent to appear prior to the fairness hearing. We will also provide you with the support and advice you need throughout the case.

If You're Dealing With a Tough Legal Situation Chose Lawyers Who Look for Solutions

California residents have legal recourse against corporations and other large entities thanks to class action lawsuits. When it comes to legal challenges, we believe in finding a solution ourselves by taking a problem-solving approach.

Landay Roberts LLP also believes in being honest and transparent. If we do not believe you have a viable class action, if you do not qualify for inclusion in an existing class action, or if we feel your lawsuit will be difficult to pursue, we will give you this information honestly.

Do you need to protect yourself and your company from a group action? A class action lawyer can build a strong defense.

To explore your legal options in a class action claim, plaintiffs and defendants alike can contact our San Diego, CA, law offices for a consultation.

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