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A traumatic brain injury can be caused by a sudden event like a car accident or a slip and fall. 

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury as the result of another person's negligent behavior, you deserve compensation. 

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego, CA, can evaluate your case and collect damages on your behalf. 

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Our San Diego brain injury attorneys will speak to you about your case for free. If we take on your head injury lawsuit, we will charge absolutely nothing upfront. Instead, we handle lawsuits on a contingency basis. 

This arrangement means we only get paid by taking a percentage of any settlement or verdict we obtain. If we don't win, we don't get paid. This ensures that our number one priority is to collect the most compensation possible on your behalf. It also allows clients of our San Diego, CA, attorneys' office to focus on recovery instead of paying hourly attorney fees. 

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The partners at our firm, John K. Landay and Malcolm B. Roberts, have both been Super Lawyers for every single year from 2020–2024. This honor, which is given after the passage of a patented 12-step evaluation process, is reserved for a maximum of 5% of California attorneys.

These Symptoms Can Last For Years You Need Brain Injury Lawyers Who Can Quantify Them

Traumatic brain injuries can hamper a victim and their family's lives years down the road. According to the CDC, a full five years after suffering a moderate to severe brain injury:

57% of brain injury victims are moderately or severely disabled

55% are unemployed but did have a job at the time of their brain injury

50% return to the hospital at least once for reasons related to their brain injury

33% rely on help from others to complete everyday tasks

Insurance companies often try to quick-settle brain injury cases, offering what seems like a lot of money now but does not truly encompass the years of losses a victim will endure. Our San Diego brain injury lawyers work with brain damage experts to quantify losses and seek the most compensation possible. 

There Are Many Areas of Compensation In a Brain Injury Case

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As brain injuries are known to cause harm to so many aspects of life, there are many areas that brain injury victims can be compensated in. These include:

  • Lost wages
  • Reduced future earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical pain
  • Property damage
  • Caregiving expenses

Our Attorneys Win Big

Mr. Landay and Mr. Roberts have repeatedly won major personal injury cases revolving around car accidents, slip and falls, and other brain damage–causing incidents. Their wins include $500k in a local car accident suit and $2.3 million in a fraud case.

Request Help From a Boutique Firm

Both Mr. Landay and Mr. Roberts spent their early career years working for large, long-established law firms. While at these major practices, they honed their skills across a variety of cases and learned what resources the biggest law offices use to win. They also witnessed the limitations that larger practices have.

Larger firms are frequently unable to deliver the individualized representation that clients deserve. So, our attorneys left to found a boutique law firm where they give one-on-one representation while drawing upon the knowledge they gained at renowned, major practices. Call or write to request your free consultation with our brain injury attorneys.

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You Can Be Compensated Even If You Are Partially At Fault

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Some states do not allow traumatic brain injury victims to receive compensation if they were responsible for any aspect of their accident. Thankfully, California does not operate like this. Our state will let victims be compensated as long as they were not the primary cause of their brain injury. 

This is known as pure comparative negligence and works as follows. If the courts determine that you were accountable for 10% of your brain injury, you can receive 90% of the available compensation. If you are found at fault for 40% of your brain injury, you can only receive 60% of the total compensation.

These percentage differences can add up to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. When pursuing a brain injury lawsuit, it pays to pick a team that has earned widespread acclaim for its ability to effectively persuade judges and jurors. 

Our Attorneys Are Problem Solvers

The brain injury lawyers at our firm pride themselves on honest, straightforward communication with every San Diego client. They see themselves more as problem solvers than traditional attorneys. This allows them to think outside the box as they seek the best solution for your case.

How to Help Yourself

If you or your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, there are various actions that can be taken to help maximize the value of your personal injury or wrongful death head injury claim. 

See the Doctor

Traumatic brain injuries have ramifications that can last for years to come. Even if you have had an initial doctor's appointment regarding your traumatic brain injury, it is wise to continue seeking medical attention. In addition to protecting your health, these visits generate crucial medical records our brain injury lawyers can use to seek maximum compensation. Conversely, failing to seek medical help can be construed as evidence that your traumatic brain injury was not that harmful. 

Save Evidence

Anything that could possibly be used as evidence by our traumatic brain injury lawyers should be saved, duplicated, and sent to us. This includes any photos, videos, or documents that revolve around the accident or any subsequent effects on behavior of the victim. Oftentimes, clients misplace or lose critical evidence. You never know when a phone or computer might crash. The safest way to duplicate evidence is by emailing copies to yourself so they can be accessed anywhere.

Stay Silent

There is no benefit to discussing your accident, your brain damage, or anything else related to your case with anyone but your traumatic brain injury lawyers. Any statement you make, no matter how seemingly innocuous, can be taken out-of-context and used to minimize or even outright deny your claim. An insurance company representative may reach out to you seeking comment. The wisest thing you can do is refuse pressure to settle and refer them to us. We will do all the talking for you. 

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At our core, we are problem solvers who are also lawyers. It's a pairing that allows us to bring the best results possible for plaintiffs and defendants in need of solutions. Our business litigation attorneys are admitted to practice before all the U.S. District Courts in California as well as state courts. Their honors and affiliations include:

  • American Bar Association
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As a boutique business litigation firm, we offer personalized service that is unmatched by larger firms. Request a consultation by contacting us or calling (619) 230-5712.

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